About Leotony Eyewear

Leotony Eyewear - A Reasonably Priced High Quality Eyewear Brand

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: glasses are too expensive in optical shops and quality is too low in cheap online shops. In the eyeglass industry that is almost monopolized by some big companies, Leotony Eyewear stands out from the crowd with its unique orientation. It insists on the persistent pursuit of premium quality, using the top high-end acetate and pure titanium as frame material with various styles and comfortable experience. Meanwhile, it aims to provide the most accurate prescription lenses with blue light protection to liberate the eyes.


Who is Leotony Eyewear?

Leotony Eyewear is a legal company, founded by a quality-conscious team in 2017 in Western Australia.It is a unique cheap, high quality eyewear brand. It had established its own factory and lab and formed a complete industrial chain.

The founders are a group of passionate young people with in-depth knowledge and experiences in the glasses industry, who are aiming for offering the most professional glasses for the people in need. Our mission is to provide affordable high-quality glasses for thousands of ordinary people not only rich people. Today, it is affecting more and more people.

Why people choose Leotony Eyewear for vision needs?

We are super proud of our product, services, and online shopping experiences, and we believe you, as our friends and customers would love the product design, enjoy the high quality and the post-sale customer services, also the safe online shopping experiences.


Have you ever suffered from the discomfort caused by your glasses and still can not get adapted to it after a long time of use, even though your prescription makes the lenses? I guess the answer is yes. Why does this happen? That's because the glasses you ordered are not quite a match for what your prescription calls for. Any optician or optical shop will not take this into consideration, which will ultimately cause severe damage to your vision.

Our lab has many professional opticians with rich experience in examination and processing prescription lenses with frames. They will oversee your prescription and the glasses you ordered for a matching audit, to ensure your prescription is entirely accurate without any unreasonable parameters, to make sure that the glasses you are ordering are in full compliance with your prescription. If your prescription is abnormal or the glasses you purchased are not suitable for your prescription, we will contact you at the first time with professional suggestion for your vision needs. This considerate, sophisticated, one-to-one service is exclusive at Leotony Eyewear only.


After technicians inspected the glasses with strict requirements, the glasses are shipped directly from the factory to the customers. The Single Vision glasses take about 3 to 5 business days from order placement to receipt, which saves several days comparing to downtown optical shops. Meanwhile, without the profit of the middle men, the price advantage is quite obvious in high quality eyeglasses.


The pursuit of glasses is no longer limited to precise vision correction, and the individuality and matching wear are also essential elements to modern people. The design concept of Leotony Eyewear designers is to keep business and leisure style, suit everyone no matter you go out for travel or work in office. Leotony Eyewear has a variety of fashion Full- Rim,Semi- Rim and Rimless eyeglasses frames styles to choose for everyday use.


All Leotony Eyewear frames are designed based on ergonomic research. The premium metal and pure titanium materials, OBE safe screws, blue light protection lenses and simply, easy and smooth web design, give customers the most comfortable browsing and wearing experience.



Come to Leotony Eyewear.com is the right choice for people who need special customized requirements for eyeglasses. As long as you send us the drawings of the designed lens shape, size and color for rimless glasses, the professional lab technicians at Leotony Eyewear will make the glasses for you.The price for customized glasses will be a big surprise for you. Contact service@leotony.com  to get a customized pair as you like.

This is Leotony Eyewear’s maxim, which gently and responsibly tells the glasses wearers of the world, that for fashionable, high-quality,comfortable,professional glasses, the price can also be everyone’s favorite.


Leotony Eyewear only has a simple high quality pursuit and a mission of spreading excellent glasses to the world. Leotony Eyewear is an alternative.We believe that everyone has the right to wear reasonably priced high quality glasses.