How to place an order on your website?

Placing an order on our website is straightforward. You can select a frame you like on our website. Choose “Frame Only” to go directly to the billing page.Or “SELECT LENSES”,then fill/ upload your prescription and choose the lens option. Then you can checkout with Paypal or Credit Card after entering your shipping information. 

What if I need to change my order?

We process orders quickly, but we’ll do our best to accommodate any changes to your order. You are advised to change or cancel an order by email within 12 hours of order placement. We will solve the issue for you within 12 hours.


What is the difference between Frame Only and Non-Prescription Glasses(Plano lenses)?

If you choose frame only, the frame will comes with demo lenses. Demo lenses are designed to simulate lenses showing what the frame will look like with lenses. Demo lenses are not for daily use in your eyewear. If you have no prescription and want to order frames for daily wear, you can choose “Non-prescription’as your lens type.

Can I get a discount if I place a large order?

If you are an eye doctor and would like to establish long-term business relationship with us, send an email to service@leotony.com. Then we can check with our supervisor whether we can offer a special discount for you.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, the payment methods we accept are Paypal and credit card. We will take other payment methods in the future.

How do I get itemized receipts?

We are happy to provide an itemized receipt of your order. Chat with us or email us, our Customer Service department will itemize your receipt and email it to you.



Can I order single vision glasses if I only have a bifocal/progressive RX? Should I go back to the doctor to get another RX?

No, you can convert the RX for SV glasses as the rules follow,


To get distance only glasses, enter the SPH, CYL and Axis as written by the doctor. The ADD is not needed when ordering distance glasses.

In order to get reading glasses, take the ADD number and add it to the SPH number. Enter the new total in the SPH and do this for both eyes. Remember that the CYL and AXIS don't change so enter them exactly as they are written. And reduce the PD by 3mm.

Can I order progressives that are computer distance on top and reading on bottom?

Yes, you can place an order with the original RX if it is for computer and reading use.  

If the original RX for progressives is for normal distance and reading use, you need to convert the RX as the rules follow, to order a pair of computer and reading glasses, you need to split the Add number in half and add half of the ADD number to the SPH number. Enter the new total in the SPH and do this for both eyes.The balance of the Add will stay in that “NV-ADD” entry field. Remember that the CYL and AXIS don't change so enter them exactly as they are written.

Please feel welcome to contact our customer service if you have any issue with the conversion.

Can I use my contact RX to order glasses?

No, contact RX can only be used to order contact lens. You need to contact the doctor to get the RX for eyeglasses.


My frame has broken, can I order another frame to fit my current lenses? 

Unfortunately, the frames are not interchangeable. That is to say, the lenses cannot be put into a different frame.

Do the frames come in different sizes?

All the dimensions of all our frames are fixed as listed on our website. We do not offer same frames in different sizes.  

Can I get the frames in a different color?

Yes, most our frames come with different colors on our website. You can click the color lumps under the frame picture to view different colors.

How do I order lens only to fit my old frame? 

Unfortunately, we do not sell lens only. You can order a complete pair of glasses on our website. 

Feel welcome to contact us via email if you need any other help.