What Is a Progressive Lens?

Progressive lenses are the youngest lenses in the family of lenses. It has been in the market for more than 40 years, but because of its outstanding and comprehensive features, it has been widely recognized by the majority of wearers.

A progressive lens is a no-line lens with three focal centers – distance on top, computer in the middle, reading on bottom. The correction does not go all the way across the lens but is shaped like an hourglass down the center of the lens. It is expected to take some time to get used to this lens type.

Over the past forty years, through continuous improvement, the design theory and application operation skills of this kind of lenses have been gradually improved, and the convenience gained after use is not available to other lenses.

Progressive lenses in the history of the development of the lens for the first time in a very non progressive change of the lens. This change makes it easy for the designer to get the continuity of the different distances.

The design producers of the progressive lenses also designed different types of progressive lenses based on the different use environment of the wearers of the wide spectacle frames.

For example, such as progressive lenses designed for astronauts, we specially designed to see the lens area of the upper and the lower distance instruments, and the progressive lenses, which are designed for office workers, which are suitable for use in the near distance work. They are also called office films.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, a new adolescent progressive lens has been developed for teenagers, which is specially designed for preventing and controlling myopia.

Research by professional medical units and progressive lens manufacturers shows that wearing spectacle frames made of progressive lenses for close reading, office work and other life can alleviate the progression of myopia. This also opens up a new way of thinking for the control and prevention of myopia.

After the introduction, do you have a good understanding of the progressive lenses? Maybe you try to catch up with the trend, too.


Damages of Short Wavelength Blue Light

In modern society, the numerous electronics have greatly helped our lives. But the blue light of the electronic products do harm our eyes. LEOTONY brand first realized the harm of blue light and added the blue light resistant coating to all eyeglasses. You can choose blue light protection eyewear on www.leotony.com.

Below are the concept of blue light and its harm to our eyes:

Blue light is a visible high-energy light with a wavelength of 400-500 nm, which can penetrate the lens directly to the retina, causing photochemical injury to the retina and directly or indirectly harming the cells in the macular area.

Specific damages to the eyes are:

1. Blue light aggravates macular area disease of the retina.

Blu-ray will increase the amount of toxins in the macular area within the eye and seriously threaten our fundus health – according to “America Academy of Ophthalmology” in 2010.

With age, the lipofuscin (cell debris) left behind by the phagocytosis of the retinal pigment epithelium will gradually accumulate in the retinal pigment epithelial cell layer, which will cause the retina to be more sensitive to chronic light irradiation injury. Blu-ray will increase the macular problems caused by genetics, nutrition, environment, health habits, and age-related issues. After prolonged exposure, the toxicity of the retina will increase with shorter wavelengths, thereby aggravating macular disease.

2. Blue light can cause fundus damage after cataract surgery.

With age, people’s own lens gradually yellowish. This helps filter the blue light. However, after cataract surgery, the patient lost these natural barriers. Blue light will reach the retina directly, which will damage the retinal pigment epithelial cells and seriously affect the health of the fundus.

3. Blue light can cause blurred vision, resulting in visual fatigue and VDT syndrome.

After the blue light enters the fundus, the focus does not fall on the retina but falls between the retina and the lens. This increases the chromatic aberration distance of the rays focused in the eye.







The distance between the focus in the eye is the main cause of blurred vision, so blue light will aggravate the chromatic aberration and visual ambiguity. At that time, the eye muscles become over-stretched, the blood supplied to the eye becomes too tight and strengthened. All this increases fatigue.

4. Blue light can glare.

Blue light has higher energy when wavelength between 400nm-500nm. The higher energy light has a higher probability of scattering when it encounters fine particles in the air. So blue light is the main cause of glare.

5.Blue light can predict the secretion of melatonin, disturb sleep, and increase the incidence of major diseases.


How To Choose The Right Eyeglasses Online?

Buying glasses online has become popular around the world. Online eyeglasses stores have extensive choices of different frame shapes and sizes. How to choose the one that fits you best? Here’s a little tips for you!

Tip 1

To select a frame, we advise that you take a ruler and measure your current pair. Then, select a frame online that has similar measurements (generally within +/- 3mm) of your current pair to ensure fit. There are four main measurements to consider: (as pic below)

Lens Width: The frame width is the first and most important value to measure. It is the measurement of the lens in millimeters beginning from the left end piece to where the right end piece ends.

Nose Bridge: Nose bridge is the distance between the right lens and the left lens. To get the bridge measurement, measure from the inside of one lens to the inside of the other lens. You are measuring where they are closest together.

Lens Height: The vertical size is the height of the eyeglasses frame, measured from the top to the bottom of the lens aperture.

Frame Width: The “Narrow, Medium, Wide” is just a general idea of the overall frame size. We recommend to measure something you currently wear from hinge to hinge across the front, this measurement will be your frame width and the best indicator of overall fit. You can then click on any picture online to get a pop up with all the dimensions and try to match the frame width within +/- 3 mm of what you currently wear.

Tip 2

If you look carefully, you can find that most frames will have a set of three numbers on the inside temple arm or near the bridge. For example:



The first number is the lens width, and the second is the bridge and the third is the temple length. You can get the measurements of any frame online by clicking on the picture to view the details and select one with similar measurements for fitness.

These characters on your current frame are the key to understanding more about the frame dimensions. If those values become obscure or disappear due to everyday wear, you can a new frame that fits you just right in a local store. Remember the three numbers of them and select a frame of similar size from online eyewear retailers for a better price.

Tip 3

We strongly suggest customers to choose frame according to face shape.

According to expert’s suggestion, we conclude:

If you have a square face, go with an oval or round frame.

If you have an elliptical or circular face, go with a rectangular frame.

If you have an oval or round face, go with a rectangular frame.

If you have a heart-shaped face, go with a narrow, round, bottom-heavy frame.

Tip 4

If you are still not sure whether the frame fits your face or not, you can use the virtual “ TRY ON FRAME” function online, which can help you find the right glasses easily.

To try on frames online, you need to select the frame you like and click. The try on frame function is right under the frame pictures on the details page.

You can upload a photo to “TRY ON FRAME” function on our website, choose the right frame color and adjust the frame size online by clicking the mouse to check whether the glasses look good on your face.

 If you still do not like the frames shape/size when you receive the parcel, do not worry – Leotony offers a 30 day no questions-asked return and exchange policy. You can return the glasses or exchange the frame for a pair that fits you best.

 Please feel free to contact service@leotony.com if you have any questions.



Polarized Sunglasses VS Generic Sunglasses

To clarify the difference between polarized sunglasses and generic sunglasses, we must first know what is polarized sunglasses and what is generic sunglasses. Actually polarized sunglasses can be considered as a category of sunglasses, but belong to a more high-end category. Polarized sunglasses have the effects that generic sunglasses do not have, which is effectively blocking and filtering out all kinds of polarized light that’s harmful to the eyes.


The so-called polarized light ,also called glare, is irregularly reflected light generated when light passes through rough roads, water surfaces, etc.When these rays of light directly shine on human eyes, they can cause discomfort and fatigue to the eyes. It will also disable our eyes to have a long-lasting vision, resulting in insufficient clarity for apparent objects.

Polarized Sunglasses

Profiting from the linear molecular arrangement inside the lens, polarized sunglasses are able to filter out and excluding all kinds of glare that damage our eyes. That is, by means of the inside linear molecular,  polarized lens can re-comb the irregular reflective lights, making the light into the eyes more clear and natural.

PolarIzed Sunglasses VS Generic Sunglasses

Both of them have the effect of preventing UV and reducing the intensity of light, but generic sunglasses do not have the effect of separating or converting polarized light. This is the difference between them. Therefore, generic sunglasses are generally cheaper than polarized sunglasses.

Usage of Polarized Sunglasses

The main usage of polarized lens is to protect eyes from damage under strong light conditions. However, for people who are not very demanding, generic sunglasses is enough because polarized lens are relatively high-end sunglasses. Of course, if you have a car , it’s better to wear polarized sunglasses when driving, because you will encounter a variety of glare during driving while polarized sunglasses can block a portion of glare. Meanwhile, it can filter out the strong light reflected from the ground or from opposite car, making the visual field much clearer and help to reduce visual fatigue, which is conducive to safe driving.

The viewing angle of polarized sunglasses is more natural and clear than generic sunglasses. In addition, polarized sunglasses is more suitable for outdoor sports such as fishing, skiing or vacations.

How To Tell Polarized Sunglasses and Generic Sunglasses

It’s fairly simple to tell the difference between the two. Just stack up the two polarized lenses vertically. If the lenses are not transparent, then it is  true polarized sunglasses as polarized lens only allow parallel light to pass through the lens due to its special design. Thus,when the two lenses are stacked vertically, most of the light will be blocked.Besides, you can also distinguish them in the sun since polarized sunglasses will be more comfortable than the generic sunglasses.


Busy Holiday Season | Give Your Eyes a Rest

This post is sponsored by LEOTONY in collaboration with the dealspotr influencer network. All opinions are my own.

We quickly moved from early fall right into the busiest season. This busy holiday season instead of wearing my daily contacts, I’m giving my eyes a rest and turning to my new glasses from LEOTONY. The online retailer is the perfect place to turn for updated glasses this season to give your eyes a rest because they sell a great variety of premium eyewear and prescription glasses at competitive prices. Contacts are not extremely comfortable for me but I do wear them daily when I’m out or attending events because I’ve never really liked the way I look wearing glasses. This busy holiday season I’m putting that aside because I upgraded my glasses so I could comfortably wear them during the day all season long to give my eyes a rest.


Until this week, you rarely would see me in glasses at an event or in planned photos. We just had our holiday family photos completed by Madyson Floyd and it’s been nonstop holiday events ever since.


Our first holiday event featuring Santa was last week and after a long day already, it was relieving to be able to wear glasses and feel comfortable.


Both my daughters had so much fun and I didn’t get my normal headache from wearing contacts all day.






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Ordering from LEOTONY is easy and you just need your updated lens prescription. I ordered my glasses and they arrived at my home less than a week later, just in time to start the busy holiday season and give my eyes a rest.




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