How much does shipping cost?

If you choose regular shipping method, we would like to tell you that shipping is free for all orders. If you want to use DHL International Express shipping to expedite the whole process, the shipping fee will be $18.05 for the first pair. The freight increases $5 for each pair added to the order.

When can I expect to receive my glasses?

The glasses will be delivered to you in 12 or 19 days after placing the order for standard shipping method. And the Express shipping takes about 6 to 9 days for delivery. Bifocals, progressives, photochromic and custom made glasses need an extra 5-7 days due to the complex process. Please note that the delivery time starts at the confirmation of order production instead of order placement. 

What is my order status?

To check on the status of the order, sign into your account on leotony.com using the email address and password you used during checkout. Click “Orders” from the menu when you signed in. Then you can check the order status.

What is your shipping route?

For ordinary shipping orders, we would ship the glasses from our factory to US office in Seattle, Washington. Then our US office will ship the order out to you by USPS first class.

For DHL International shipping orders, the glasses would be directly shipped out to you from our factory.

What can I do if my package is lost on the way or damaged upon receiving?

Don’t worry! If the shipping website shows that the glasses are missing during transit to you, we would remake the glasses for you at no charge and reship your order. If the package is damaged, you can email us a photo showing the issue, and then we can resend new glasses to you.

2.Return Policy 

What is your return policy?

LEOTONY customers have 30 days from the date of delivery to return an item. If you are not completely satisfied with your LEOTONY purchase, we will offer you a full refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt. The 30 days return policy are not available for glasses having any issue resulting from incorrect information submitted by customers. 

What is the return process?

Chat with us or send an email to service@leotony.com for the RA# (Return Authorization Number).
•Fill out your warranty card with necessary information.
•Ship the glasses back with the warranty card and RA#. Returns should be sent to: 24001 SE Black Nugget Road Issaquah WA 98029. Refund or remake will be processed as soon as we received the returned order.

Do you offer lens replacement?

If the lenses scratched in 12 months of receiving the glasses, you can contact us to get an RA number to return the glasses. Then we can replace the lens for you at no charge when we receive the returned glasses.

What do I do if the glasses have prescription issues when I receive them?

Sometimes it takes a few days to adjust to a new prescription, but if you still cannot adapt to your glasses a few days later, you can contact us by online chat or email. Our customer service will help determine the issue for you.


How to place an order on your website?

Placing an order on our website is straightforward! You can select a frame you like on our website and click ‘Add to cart” button and choose lens as single vision, bifocal or progressive. Choose the usage of glasses you need, enter your prescription and PD and select the lens type as clear or photochromic. Then you can checkout on the shopping cart page. 

What if I need to change my order?

We process orders quickly, but we’ll do our best to accommodate any changes to your order. You are advised to change or cancel an order by Online chat or email within 24 hours of order placement. We will solve the issue for you within 24 hours.

Can I get a discount if I place a large order?

If you are an eye doctor and would like to establish long-term business relationship with us, send an email to service@leotony.com. Then we can check with our supervisor whether we can offer a special discount for you.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, the payment methods we accept are Paypal and credit card. We will take other payment methods in the future.

How do I get itemized receipts?

We are happy to provide an itemized receipt of your order. Chat with us or email us, our Customer Service department will itemize your receipt and email it to you.


What does my prescription(RX) mean?

Your Rx is to correct your vision with a pair of eyeglasses with corrective lenses provided by your eye doctor. You can enter the prescription as follows:
         An Rx will have horizontal rows or vertical columns. 
         OD refers to the right eye and OS refers to the left eye. 
         SPH, for Spherical, refers to the refractive correction in the prescription. Minus (-) are for nearsightedness, and 
          Plus (+) values are for farsightedness.
         Cylinder value indicates astigmatisms or perpetually blurry vision. If there is a CYL value on an eye, there must be an Axis  
          value on that eye. CYL and Axis correct astigmatism.
         The Axis indicates the orientation of astigmatism, measured in degrees from 1 to 180.
There may also be a NV-ADD or ADD on the RX, which could be used to order a pair of bifocal or progressive glasses with a close-up vision section in the bottom part of the lens.
Note: The SPH and CYL numbers will always have a plus or minus sign. Please enter correct signs when you place the order.

What is PD? How do I measure the PD?

The PD (pupillary distance) is the measurement from one eye to the other. PD is often included in your RX. If not included, you can call your doctor for this measurement or have a friend help you. Using the metric side of the ruler, have your friend measure from the middle of one pupil to the middle of the other pupil. Remember that you should not look at their nose but focus on something behind them in the distance. 

The doctor writes my PD 62/59. How do I enter the PD for reading glasses?

The large value 62 represents the distance PD, which is what you will need for our site.  The smaller value 59 is used only for ordering single-vision reading glasses. 

The doctor writes my PD 60 and 31/29. How do I enter the PD for bifocals?

60 is your single PD and 31/29 is your dual PD. Single PD is the measurement from eye to eye whereas the dual PD is the measurement from the center of your nose to each eye. You are advised to select the two PD numbers on the order form and use the dual PD if the dual PD for each eye is different. 

Can I order single vision glasses if I only have a bifocal/progressive RX? Should I go back to the doctor to get another RX?

No, you can convert the RX for SV glasses as the rules follow,
To get distance only glasses, enter the SPH, CYL and Axis as written by the doctor. The ADD is not needed when ordering distance glasses.
In order to get reading glasses, take the ADD number and add it to the SPH number. Enter the new total in the SPH and do this for both eyes. Remember that the CYL and AXIS don't change so enter them exactly as they are written. And reduce the PD by 3mm.
If your original RX is as follows:
Your RX for single vision distance glasses can be converted as follows:
Your RX for single vision reading glasses can be converted as follows:

How to order over-the-counter readers?

To get over-the-counter readers, CHOOSE LENSES as Single Vision and select the second Usage as READERS. Then simply select the magnification you need on both eyes on Prescription page. For example, a 150 is +1.50.   

Can I order bifocals or progressives that are computer distance on top and reading on bottom?

Yes, you can place an order with the original RX if it is for computer and reading use.  
If the original RX for bifocals or progressives is for normal distance and reading use, you need to convert the RX as the rules follow, to order a pair of computer and reading glasses, you need to split the Add number in half and add half of the ADD number to the SPH number. Enter the new total in the SPH and do this for both eyes.The balance of the Add will stay in that “NV-ADD” entry field. Remember that the CYL and AXIS don't change so enter them exactly as they are written.
Please feel welcome to contact our customer service if you have any issue with the conversion.

Can I use my contact RX to order glasses?

No, contact RX can only be used to order contact lens. You need to contact the doctor to get the RX for eyeglasses.


How to choose a suitable frame?

To select a frame, we advise that you take a ruler and measure your current pair. Then, select a frame online that has similar measurements (generally within +/- 3mm) of your current pair to ensure fit. You can measure frame as follows:
Besides, most frames will have a set of three numbers on the inside temple arm or near the bridge. 
The first number is the lens width, and the second is the bridge and the third is the temple length. You can get the measurements of any frame online by clicking on the picture to view the details and select one with similar measurements for fitness. 

What frame style is best for my face shape?

If you have a square face, go with an oval or round frame. If you have an elliptical or circular face, go with a rectangular frame. If you have an oval or round face, go with a rectangular frame. If you have a heart-shaped face, go with a narrow, round, bottom-heavy frame. Also, you can upload a photo to “TRY ON FRAME” function on our website to see the effect of the glasses on your face. 

My frame has broken, can I order another frame to fit my current lenses? 

Unfortunately, the frames are not interchangeable. That is to say, the lenses cannot be put into a different frame.

Do the frames come in different sizes?

All the dimensions of all our frames are fixed as listed on our website. We do not offer same frames in different sizes. 

Can I get the frames in a different color?

Yes, most our frames come with five different colors on our website. For duke series frames (acetate full-rim frame with duke or duchess names), frames under the same name are in the same style but different color. 


How do I order lens only to fit my old frame? 

Unfortunately, we do not sell lens only. You can order a complete pair of glasses on our website. 
Feel welcome to contact us via online chat or Email if you need any other help. 


Why the glasses come inside a case printing "LEODUKE"?

LEODUKE OPTICAL LLC is the name of our company, founded in Seattle, Washington. Leotony is one of the brands belongs to our Leoduke company. So the glasses of Leotony brand are packaged with a case printing "LEODUKE".