PRODUCT LEOTONY offers optical glasses, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, designer glasses as well as acetate, metal, titanium and mixed material frames. The rich variety and trendy design can definitely satisfy the needs for consumers with different ages and price needs.
PRICE & QUALITY Our team is equipped with professional Ophthalmologists and creative designers. We also collaborate with world-famous material and accessories suppliers to ensure the best quality products. LEOTONY’s new management idea support the price advantage for our products.
SERVICE We offer a free home- try-on service for all the products on our website, even with prescription lenses installed! We also have a considerate after-sales service, which includes 30 days free return/exchange,1 year free repair and lifetime free accessories maintenance.
STORE DESIGN Franchisees can decorate the stores by themselves according to the actual store, counter size and the store location. However, the decoration plans should be submitted to LEOTONY for approval in order to unify brand image.
OPENING GUIDANCE During the opening period, LEOTONY will offer guidance regarding the store layout and media promotion.
DISPLAY GUIDANCE LEOTONY will provide franchisees with professional brochures of store display. Marketing specialists will be appointed to the stores for staff training.
MANAGEMENT GUIDANCE LEOTONY will implement management regularly or irregularly on franchisees regarding stock, sales and merchandise, in the form of written or others.
NEW YEAR’S PREFERENTIAL NEW YEAR’S PREFERENTIAL For franchisees who join LEOTONY in the new year of 2018, we will charge the lowest franchise fee, brand royalties and security deposit.
Legally qualified legal persons, economic organizations or individual business; Those who have engaged or are now engaged in glasses industry will be preferred. Will maintain good credit and recruit talents for store operation & management in accordance with LEOTONY’s requirements. Will implement and closely cooperate with LEOTONY’s management requirements, and give timely feedback on local brands. Obey LEOTONY’S supervision and wholeheartedly maintain LEOTONY’S good reputation & image during operation; Have a desire for sustaining operation and for expanding the operation scale.